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FORT LAUDERDALE Guide to Visiting Fort Lauderdale SOUTH BEACH Explore South Beach

Everyone has a dream vacation; for most people, this trip involves white sand beaches, luxurious resort hotels, and a convertible rental car in which to cruise around along the boardwalk. If this trip is exactly what you want to do on your ideal vacation but you also want a place where you can see unique architecture, eat out at amazing restaurants, and dance the night away at the most popular nightclubs, then you need to book your trip for Miami. Once you see South Beach, you will know that this location is the one you have always envisioned for your dream vacation!

South Beach is the southern section of Miami Beach, which is its own city although the larger city of Miami is only five minutes away. The 23 blocks that have been designated as South Beach may not sound like much but it is one of the most frequently photographed sections of southern Florida and therefore, one of the most easily recognizable. This area has come a long way from being a coconut farm in the 1870s. Today, it is well-known for being the backdrop for movies and television shows, a center for fashion, and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

There are enough activities in South Beach to keep you well entertained for your entire week’s trip. Take a tour of the Art Deco Historic District; you can go on a guided tour or pick up an audio guide at the visitors center and direct the tour yourself. You can also simply relax on the sand and in the water all day and live it up at night, visiting the many famous nightclubs along Washington Ave and Ocean Drive.

No trip to southern Florida is complete, however, without a day trip out of the city down to the islands of Key West. Make sure to reserve a luxury car rental from a South Beach rental car agency so that you can drive in style as you head down the coast to the Overseas Highway. Take time to stop in Mallory Square, Key West to witness the amazing spectacle of fire-eaters, unicyclists, and other outrageous performers. Once you have seen enough, you can always drive back to the oasis of South Beach after catching a magnificent sunset!

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