Miami International Airport

How to Get To Miami

Are you planning a trip to Miami? It is a fantastic city to visit and has accommodations and activities for every budget. If you are ready to take a break from the below freezing temperatures and snow storms at home, you definitely need to escape to warmer climates. Believe it or not, there are places in the United States that enjoy sunny, warm weather all year round! You deserve to experience some sunshine before spring officially arrives so pack your swimsuit and your flip-flops and head down to Miami!

There are several fantastic options on how to travel to Miami. The most cost-effective route always depends on your location, but one of the easiest and fastest ways to travel there is by plane. The Miami International Airport is an extremely large airport and features ten concourses and four runways. In terms of international passengers, it ranks third behind New York’s JFK International Airport and the Los Angeles International Airport. The reason for this ranking is that Miami is the number one hub for both passengers and cargo traveling up from South America, Latin America, and the Caribbean. As an American Airlines hub, it is incredibly easy to find fights into Miami. Just rent a car from a Miami International Airport car rental agency and you are ready to explore the city!

Another option is always to take a road trip. This choice is extremely popular for college students who are short on funds but still want to escape to the beach for a week during spring break. The drive is not too brutal depending on where you are driving from and if everyone agrees to take a few driving shifts during the journey down. If you are traveling down from New York or Boston, the trip is approximately twenty hours.

The last option is to take a cruise. Although this option might be the most expensive one, it is also the most exotic. The port of Miami is the number one cruise port in the world; it sees 3.75 million passengers per year. Take a cruise that travels down the East Coast and ends in Miami or start your cruising journey in Miami and travel through the beautiful Caribbean Sea!

No matter what means you use to get there, Miami is well worth the trip!

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