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FORT LAUDERDALE Guide to Visiting Fort Lauderdale

Although Fort Lauderdale may have been replaced by Miami as the number one spring break Florida destination in the past decade, it is still an incredibly popular tourist spot for people of all ages and especially for families. This beach town, only 28 miles north of Miami, has its own international airport and a very large cruise port making it easily accessible by domestic and international travelers alike.

Once you fly in or dock in this beautiful city, make sure you stop by a Fort Lauderdale car rentals agency and rent a reliable rental car. Travelling by car is the most efficient way to see the city and also allows you the means to travel down to Miami, Miami Beach, and the islands of Key West. There are amazing places to see while you are in the city of Fort Lauderdale; you just need to know how to find them!

The beach, of course, is the number one destination. Fort Lauderdale features seven miles of beautiful beaches, most of which are lined by residential homes, resort hotels, and bustling businesses. Enjoy the sun, the sand, and the breeze for a few days! The point of any vacation is to relax and nothing is more relaxing than taking a nap on a southern Florida beach.

One of the unique features of Fort Lauderdale is all of the canals that run through the city. It is nicknamed the “Venice of America” because of all these waterways which allow for convenient transportation route to various neighborhoods. Take a water taxi to a restaurant one evening and enjoy seeing the city from these beautiful water passages; it is an amazing experience!

Fort Lauderdale hosts the world’s largest in-water boat show every year. This five-day long international boat show attracts thousands of boating enthusiasts worldwide and features more than 1,300 sail and power boats. If you are looking for some family fun, check out the “second largest tourist attraction in Florida,” the Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop. This large flea market also features eateries and a 14-screen drive-in movie theater!

Purchase your plane tickets, rent your hotel room, and book your rental car today so that you can enjoy a trip to Fort Lauderdale sooner rather than later!


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